Q. Do I need to make Reservations?
A. It is recommended. In order to provide you with an optimum experience we need to know in advance that you are coming. In the busy Spring months of March through June it is important to make your reservation as soon as you have picked a date. Many Spring dates fill up fast so make your reservations early.  Last minute reservations are always welcome if the trip has space available. We will always try to accommodate your group if at all possible.
Q. How do I make reservations?
A. You may reserve online with any of the prompts on every page of the website or call the Cheat River Outfitters office at 1-888-99-RIVER or 304/329-2024.
Q. How do I pay for my trip?
A. All trips must be paid in advance. Check out our Policies. We accept payments online or you may send check or money order or pay for your trip with a Visa or MasterCard of Discover over the phone. For group organizers, you can set up the reservation and all the members of your party can log on and pay for their trip on their own credit card. For last minute trips we will hold the trip on a credit card if you prefer to pay in cash upon your arrival.
Q. Do I need experience to participate in your activities?
A. NO. Many of our activities are suited for beginner through advanced participants. We will provide all the equipment you need and a trained guide.
Q. Are there age requirements/limits?
A. There are no upper age limits to participate. We do ask that you are in reasonably good health with no major health concerns. We do have recommended minimum age requirements for all of our activities as seen below. These are recommendations based on average size and maturity. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone if we feel safety would be jeopardized.Minimum Age Requirements:
Cheat Canyon: 14+ , Cheat Narrows- Spring 10+ , Cheat Narrows- Summer 7+ , Upper Yough 16+
Paintball 10+ , Rock Climbing 8+ , Savage River 12+ , North Branch 10+
Q. How does the Cheat River compare to the New River?
A. The Cheat Canyon is more adventuresome than both the Upper and Lower New River sections. The Cheat Canyon is World Class Whitewater with over 30 Class III, IV, and V rapids. The minimum recommended age for the Cheat Canyon is 15.The Cheat Narrows is a more moderate section of the Cheat that falls between the Upper and Lower New River in terms of difficulty. In spring when rainfall amounts are heavy the Cheat Narrows is a Class III run with a minimum recommended age of 10. In the summer when water levels are typically lower the Narrows is a fantastic Family run with a minimum recommended age of 8.In general the Cheat has less flat water than the New River and thus less paddling. One of the greatest differences between the New and the Cheat is the environment. The Cheat Canyon runs through an uncrowded wilderness canyon and the Narrows has beautiful scenes with crystal clear water. On both sections you will not have to wait in line to run the rapids – the Cheat is uncrowded splendor.
Q. How does the Cheat River compare to the Gauley River?
A. The Cheat Canyon is World Class Whitewater with over 30 Class III, IV, and V rapids and is very comparable to the Gauley. The Canyon is not as steep as the Upper Gauley and thus a small step down in difficulty but it is a step up from the Lower Gauley. The primary season for the Cheat is Spring as opposed to the Gauley’s fall season. The greatest difference between the Cheat and the Gauley is that the Cheat runs through a secluded, steep walled wilderness canyon that is uncrowded and beautiful. You will not have to wait in line to run a rapid or play bumper boats on the Cheat.
Q. When is the best time to come rafting?
A. For BIG exciting World Class rafting, come in the Spring. We start rafting in the middle of March and peak season for the Canyon runs through June. For a more moderate ride choose the Cheat Narrows in the Spring. For a Family ride wait for the Summer rafting. The summer runs are full of great rapids combined with lots of splashing, swimming and goofing around. These are our typical seasons, however anytime WV is getting a lot of rain we can run the Cheat Canyon – Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Q. What size boat will we be in?
A. We match the boat size to the water level to provide you with the best ride for the day. Our fleet varies from 10 man rafts to 1 man duckies. Typically in the spring we are in 8 man rafts (7 guests plus a guide).
Q. Do I have to have a large group to go rafting? Can I come alone?
A. In the spring there is no minimum group size for rafting on the Weekends. To come on a Weekday requires a minimum of 6 people. However, we can often combine smaller groups to form the minimum requirement. We run nearly everyday in the Summer and minimum group size is rarely a problem. If you have a group of 11 or more we do offer group discounts – call for details. Plus special pricing for scout, church, camp, and service groups with free primitive camping.