Got a Group?  We can help!

At Cheat River Outfitters, we welcome groups and we will try to make the process of reserving and organizing a rafting or paintball excursion as painless as possible.  For the sake of simplicity let me define our groups.
“group” at Cheat River Outfitters is 15 or more people who are coming to be together for a rafting, climbing or paintball adventure.
     All groups of 15 or more are eligible for a group discount on most trips.  The discount varies by activity.  Discounts are listed below.
A “non-profit type group” is a group of 8 or more people on a trip organized by a church, school, scouts or other service organization.
The organization/church/etc… must be the one paying the bill to be eligible for our reduced pricing for these types of groups.       For example, we can offer special reduced pricing to a church youth group when the church is writing a check.  We cannot offer special reduced pricing to a bunch of church members coming and all paying separately for themselves.  However, any group of 15 or more qualifies for a regular group discount.

Group Pricing
Call or email for group promo codes to enter at checkout.


For any group of 15 or more people:
 Cheat Canyon – $7.50 off per person                                                 Cheat Narrows- $5 off per person                                               Paintball- $3 off per person

Non-Profit Type Group Pricing

For a group of 8 or more that are paid by a non-profit/service organization.

To find out more information on our special non-profit pricing, submit the form below, or email us at You can also give us a call at 304-329-2024!