Bring your friends and battle it out on the paintball field.

At Cheat River Outfitters we offer 4 exciting paintball courses and all the equipment you need to participate in this adrenaline filled sport. Everyone gets a marker (paintball gun) and protective gear and the chance to settle the score on the paintball field. All of our fields are wooded and full of bunkers and tunnels and great hideouts. We will provide a referee to be sure everyone is playing safe. So gather 6 or more of your friends and book your day on the paintball field!

Paintball is great for Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, Family Reunions, Church Groups

Paintball at a Glance


Location: Albright, WV CRO main base
Requirements: Age 10+, No major health concerns
Availability: Any daylight hours with temps over 40°
Minimum Group Size: 6 people or more

We can provide all the equipment you need to play. You are also welcome to bring your own gear for a small field fee.
Click here for the Paintball flyer with prices.

Paintball Prices


Super Splat Pak: $40 per person
(equipment rental plus 500 paintballs)


Deluxe Super Splat Pak: $45 per person
(deluxe thermal faceshield for less fog plus equipment rental plus 500 paintballs)

All of our paintball games meet at our main Outfitter base in Albright, WV. Click here for directions.